Team Denmark


Mikkel “Zrool” Nielsen is the first member recruited specifically for E11 Denmark. A Key figure in the Danish community, his thousands of fans tune in daily to watch his Twitch streams. With a combination of Professional play, educational content and “viewing” parties Zrool has something to offer for anyone with an interest in Fortnite. He brings an incredible level of commitment, work ethic and professionalism to a growing esports scene.


Former Fortnite professional Sebastian “Gamingkuno” Nielsen has taken his skills to the world of content creation. With a focus on highlighting Danish professionals, he shout-casts million dollar tournaments, conducts interviews and live coaches Fortnite. Thousands tune in every week to watch Gamingkuno follow the stories of their favorite Danish players.


Between his professional play and content creation, Jeppe “Fickzi” Agerholm is the full Fortnite package. One of Denmark’s largest creators, fans can watch him on his rapidly growing YouTube channel, or join the action live in one of his daily Twitch streams. A respected member of the Danish community, Fickzi looks to lead the way for aspiring Danish and Scandinavian creators.



At only 15 years old, Oscar “Refsgaard” Refsgaard is one of Denmark’s strongest young talents. He has placed well throughout the course of 2020 and is currently ranked in the top 50 for European players. Ever committed to his craft, Refsgaard spends each day creating content and sharpening his skills. He is prepared to lead the next wave of Danish Fortnite stars.

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