Welcome to the E11 Academy!


Welcome everyone to the E11 Academy!

Eleven Gaming is opening its doors to the world in search for some new recruits! Over the next few weeks our team will be reviewing all applications. It's simple! All you have to do is follow the steps below to be eligible and have a chance to join the E11 squad. The selected few will be the first inductees into the E11 Academy and will have the opportunity to play under the Eleven Gaming banner! Members of the E11 Academy will have access to our organization's resources to help you improve your skills and grow your brand.
Information on how to enter the E11 Academy recruitment challenge is all listed below. Good luck to everyone and we can’t wait to see your submissions!




E11 Academy Application Instructions & Guidelines: (Download as PDF) 


Below you will find the instructions and guidelines for completing your application into the E11 Academy.


To begin your E11 Academy application please go to the Gleam link below and complete ALL of the social actions listed. If one or more of the actions are not completed, your application into the E11 Academy will not be valid.

Link: https://gleam.io/k3tYf/the-e11-academy

Please note: One of the actions is to create a video. Please refer to step 2 (below) for more information.


One of the requirements to successfully register your application into the E11 Academy is to provide a video entry. This video should explain why YOU deserve to have a spot in the Academy. This is a critical step in the application process so be sure to FOLLOW the guidelines below and remember to be CREATIVE with your entry.

Once you have completed your entry video, please upload it to your YouTube channel and copy and paste the video URL to the Gleam link here: https://gleam.io/k3tYf/the-e11-academy.

Video Entry Guidelines:

  • Use the E11 Academy official intro provided here to enter: OFFICIAL INTRO VIDEO (Open the Link, Right Click the Video and "Save As") 
    • IMPORTANT: *Any video entry without the official intro will be skipped in our review process*
  • Video must not exceed a maximum of 3 minutes in length (Not including the intro)
  • Be creative with your submissions and stand out! It doesn’t just have to be Fortnite clips!
  • In the title of your YouTube video please include “@E11Gaming”
    • For example: My E11 Academy Submission @E11Gaming
  • In the description of your YouTube video please include “#E11Academy”  
    • For example: This is my submission #E11Academy
  • Please make sure you are 100% satisfied with your submission before pressing the enter button as you only have ONE chance to submit!


After you have completed all of the actions on Gleam it’s time to press enter! Your application process doesn't have to end here. Be sure to share your video on social and even tag Eleven Gaming! (@E11Gaming or #E11Academy) You never know what could happen. Have fun! We will be watching.

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