E11 x SoaR: A New Chapter



 Eleven Gaming presents our new partnership with SoaR Gaming! 

(Original Source: https://soar.gg/blogs/news/soar-2-0-is-here)

SoaR Gaming was founded 8 years ago by a group of friends looking to share their passion for gaming with the world. We started by creating Call of Duty montages on YouTube while rivaling organizations like Envy Gaming, OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, and more.

Throughout the years as esports and gaming influencers bloomed, these names have gone on to become some of the largest names in esports. Many organizations partnered with outside help to take them to the next level. They fielded competitive esports teams and scouted top talent in a variety of games and grew their brand through outside partnerships.

Over the past 8 years, with your dedicated support, we have grown SoaR into a premier gaming organization. We have amassed over 2 million followers across all SoaR social media and a network of over 20 million across all of our creators, but we have never found a partner that share our values. For years we scouted, acquired, and fostered some of the largest influencers in the space only to part ways because we were unable to match the support and help which was otherwise offered by others. We have always acted as an incubator for esports and influencers talent… until now.

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Eleven Gaming (E11) to take SoaR to new heights. Eleven Gaming is an esports organization based out of Toronto, Canada and was founded by Zach Hyman, an NHL player for the Toronto Maple Leafs, alongside Oliver Silverstein, a veteran with experience working with huge brands in the gaming and entertainment realm. Together, they were able to create and conquer Fortnite esports with several remarkable placements, including their players securing a top 3 spot in the recent ESL Katowice event.

“Talks between us began nearly 6 months ago. They know esports, we know talent when we see it. They’re experts on not only the esports industry but also the traditional sports and entertainment realm; together we can identify upcoming trends and know exactly how to capitalize on each opportunity. Over this time, a strong relationship developed between both teams as we saw mutual growth opportunities. Each side has strong suits that will help propel us both to new heights and allow us to soar!” - MUSTAFA AIJAZ - OWNER & EVP OF SOAR GAMING

“SoaR Gaming is one of the most storied esports organizations in the world and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them. Mak and Mustafa’s ability to identify talent and communicate with influencers is second to none. They have built one of the largest influencer networks in the space and we are excited to help take SoaR to the next level!” - ZACH HYMAN - PRESIDENT OF ELEVEN HOLDINGS CORP. (E11 & SOAR)

Moving forward, this partnership with Eleven Gaming has allowed us to implement a structure within the organization allowing us to focus on our creative vision while also being in-tune with everything that goes into running a business. We will no longer be restricted and will have the ability to not only retain the talent we foster but to go out and recruit some of the largest names in the space…



Exciting COLLABS 🏆

Must have MERCH 👕


Same old SoaR 🚀

Throughout this entire process, it was very important for us to find partners who shared the same values as SoaR. SoaR is special because of all of your support. We have never been in a better position to help both underrated and growing talent flourish to their maximum potential. Accompanied with partnerships alongside some of the largest brands in online entertainment, we have never been more optimistic about our future, and we are excited to have both the SoaR and E11 family by our side.


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